Emily is a graduate of the University of Southern Iowa. She works at a bakery in downtown Seever City. She is in a relationship with Cody Thomas and she isn't too fond of his godmother, Lorna Soliday. She pressed charges against Cody when he physically assaulted her. She is seen coming out of Edward Marzotto's office.

Artifact InvolvementEdit

It is revealed that Cody assaulted Emily while he was under the control of Lucretia Borgia's Comb. The attack was orchestrated by the most recent user of the comb, Lorna, as she believes that Cody needs protection from Emily. It is assumed that Lorna later used the comb on Emily, so that she would drop the charges against Cody. Lorna then planned for Emily to be burned alive at the Renaissance party. Emily is moments away from being thrown into the fire by Cody when Pete and Myka show up. After the comb has been successfully neutralized, Cody and Emily hold each other, staring into the fire that was almost the death of her.


Through conversations that Edward had with her, and what Lorna said about her, it can be assumed that Emily knew something about the comb.