Edward is a professor at the same college that Cody is from. He speaks Italian and is a Renaissance Scholar. He travels to Italy frequently and on his last trip to Italy he acquired a jewelled comb and its case, which he gave, for reasons unrevealed, to Lorna Soliday.

Artifact InolvementEdit

The comb that Edward brought back from Italy is revealed to be Lucretia Borgia's Comb. When he gave this comb to Lorna, the comb transferred Lucretia Borgia's mindset to Lorna. She then started to use the comb to control those around her. When Edward realized theat the comb was a threat, he tried to convince Lorna to give him back the comb, so he could return it to Italy. Lorna however used the comb on Edward, to force him to kill himself.


After Lorna used the comb on Edward, he drives to a gas station, where after walking out of the station, starts chanting the phonetic trigger for the comb. He then pumps gasoline onto himself and proceeds to light himself on fire.