The main artifact featured in Issue No. #2 of the Warehouse 13 comic book series. The electronic label next to the censer reads:

Ned Lowe's Censer

Smoke Emitter

Warning: Dissipates Victims

Properties[edit | edit source]

The censer emits a fog/smoke that is able to absorb people and allows the wielder to turn into a vaporous form they can control. The absorption effect becomes permanent after a while and the people trapped eventually vanish. The smoke is vulnerable to heat, which is why Edward Lowe only used it at night.

History[edit | edit source]

The censer was used by a ruthless pirate named Edward "Ned" Lowe, who had acquired it during his travels to the east. He used the artifact to plunder any wayward ship unfortunate enough to cross his path during the night. Once Ned Lowe and his men were finished looting, he would sail off, leaving a trail of ghost ships in his wake.

The censer is part of Warehouse 12's lost cache, which was being transported from the U.S. to England when the ship it was in, The Halcyon, was sunk.

Viola Adair, a direct descedent of the men who sank the boat, hired dive teams to retrieve the cargo. She later sold the censer to Jon Breen in Innis Orr, Ireland; so she could attract the Warehouse's attention. Breen used the censer to capture off-islanders. He was heartbroken over his ex, Indira, who'd left him. Pete retrieved the artifact from Breen, after Myka had been captured by the fog. He managed to neutralize the censer in time to save her and all of the other victims (by Breen) and they placed it in the Warehouse.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Censer

The Censer, as it appears out of flashback

Edward Lowe using the artifact

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