Artifact Description[edit | edit source]

A large red keg with a faucet sticking out to the left side. Label reads: "Hydrodynamic Sealant". Liquid drips from the faucet and touching the faucet seems to activate the artifact. When activated, any water that has already poured out chases after the user and forms a kind of bubble around their body. The user becomes trapped in this bubble and can't escape. However, if there isn't enough water to completely submerge the user they won't drown, at least not until enough water drips from the faucet to completely submerge the user. When the artifact is deactivated, any water that dripped out seems to go back in the keg.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

In Season 3's episode "Insatiable", Claudia noticed a puddle on the floor and tried to stop the faucet from dripping, only to be attacked by the puddle. Fortunately, Leena deactivated the artifact before Claudia drowned.[8]

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