The Durational Spectrometer displays the afterimage of anything that has been in an area in the previous five hours. It produces an image clear enough to read a person's lips, but creates otherwise fuzzy reproductions of human subjects, giving them a ghostly appearance. The Spectrometer does not record images for later playback, and need not have been present at the time that those images actually occurred.

Pete and Myka used the Spectrometer to identify Artie's kidnapper, and later employed it to track the movements of James MacPherson through the Warehouse. It was also the key to unlocking their 'lost night' when Pete woke up in bed with a blonde Myka.


Warehouse Personnel use the Spectrometer as a security camera.


  • Before the Spectrometer was invented, Warehouse 9 had a similar artifact, a large mirror that when a lit candle is held up against it the mirror shows what happened in that spot hours ago.