Origin[edit | edit source]

This television prop was worn by the fictional character, Doña Fausta Obregon, in the Spanish telenovela "Seducción Salvaje" and was acquired by Kelly's grandmother, Hortencia Hernandez. Through her sorrow of the cancellation of the show and her longing to escape, it was imbued with the power to re-create the telenovela with her as the main character.

After Kelly's grandfather died two years ago, her grandmother never left her house again. Kelly tries to help her grandmother by visiting her twice a week bringing groceries and magazines for her grandmother usually finding her watching her favorite telelnovela, Savage Seduction. The people that make Savage Seduction, sent Kelly's grandmother the brooch as a gift for being such a loyal fan.

After Kelly's grandmother learned Savage Seduction was going to be canceled, the brooch became imbued with Kelly's grandmother's longing to escape her reality by retreating into the show.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Re-creates the telenovela, "Seducción Salvaje" with real people filling the roles of the characters. When a

Artie and Pete going into TV

person is pulled into the show, the person literally takes on the role of the character and gains a different persona.

If a person is holding one of Harvey Korman's Cufflinks when they've become a character on Savage Seduction, they'll still remember who they are while inside the show.

Collection[edit | edit source]

This newly created artifact was discovered after Kelly Hernandez came to Pete and Myka claiming that her grandmother's television was possessed. But the television was merely a portal to the world that Hortencia created and discovered that the brooch was the cause. So Pete, Myka and Artie (along with Kelly) jump into the telenovela to rescue Hortencia's character from getting killed at the season finale for the show.

It was broken in two by Artie to cancel the effects of the artifact.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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