This Default Artifact Page has been made so that when new artifacts are introduced, there is a set format to register the data with. A quick, short burst of information that can be found in greater detail below is what should go here.


felinoel created this page in 2009, he made it to keep order and cleanliness. He is an Admin here at the Warehouse 13 wikia. A bit of information about the background of the artifact (including its source) is what should go here.


This page is to be used whenever a new artifact is mentioned. Information about what it was used for, what it can do, what it currently is being used for, and the like is what should go here.

Extra InfoEdit

Extra snippets of information go here, if no extra information can be found then this category should be removed.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

Moderately detailed information regarding the realism in the particular artifact about how it is supposed to exist and work and why.