David[1] Wolcott was an agent working for Warehouse 12 and field partner of Helena G. Wells.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1893, agent Wolcott assisted Wells in preventing Vincent Crowley from using Joshua's Trumpet, inside Wells' rocket, to prevent the Warehouse's move to America. Although not as smart or experienced in hand-to-hand combat as Wells, Wolcott had studied kenpō to a degree by this event for fear of his partner one day using it on him after witnessing her use it on many others.

At some point after April 27th, 1914[2], Wolcott was among the agents aboard the cargo ship HMS Avalon on its way to transport artifacts from Warehouse 12 to the new Warehouse 13 when it was besieged off the Atlantic Coast by pirates led by Roaring Dan Seavey. The pirates looted the ship and absconded with its artifacts, claiming Wolcott's life in the process.

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