Dickinson was Pete and Myka's boss with the Secret Service until recent developments landed them in the "middle of nowhere." He was not happy about losing what he calls two of his best agents to some bizarre warehouse in South Dakota, and was determined to get them back. However, Irene Frederic made sure the Warehouse kept its new agents. Dickinson was also involved in several "top-secret" Warehouse activities as seen in Implosion and Resonance. The Regents noticed this and weren't particularly happy. Artie defended getting Dickinson involved in W13 matters in Breakdown.


In Vendetta, Dickinson is killed by Ivan using Tomas de Torquemada's Chain in order to get access to FBI files of Arthur Nielson. Pete and Myka then go to his funeral which was also used as a means to locate Artie's friends and then his family.

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Torquemada's chain killing Dickinson