Cody is a law grad from the University of Southern Iowa. His parents died in a plane crash sometime ago. He used the settlement to put himself through University. His godmother Lorna Soliday, helped him to get the settlement and into law school. He has known Emily Krueger since the 8th grade and their relationship became serious after Cody's parents died. It was his arrest, for physically assaulting Emily, that the Warehouse noticed and then dispatched field agents.

Artifact InvolvementEdit

Cody had no clue why he would ever hurt Emily and he does not have any recollection of hurting Emily. The reason for his out of character behavior is Lucretia Borgia's Comb, which was currently held by his godmother Lorna. When the mindset of the comb was transferred to Lorna, she began to feel an overwhelming need to protect Cody. Lorna then used the comb on Cody to make him attack Emily. It is unknown in what way Lorna was trying to protect Cody. When Cody was interviewed by Pete and Myka, he was very cooperative at first but then he started to chant in 15th century Italian and with apparent super strength tore the interview room table off of the floor. Lorna used the comb on Emily to make her drop the charges against Cody. Emily appears to have forgiven Cody at the Renaissance party. Lorna then uses the comb on the collected audience and once more against Cody and Emily. Cody then acts as Lorna's defense when the Warehouse Agents show up. Cody almost kills Emily and Pete while under the influence of the comb. When the comb is neutralized, Cody and Emily embrace in front of the fire.


Cody appears not to have known about the relationship between Edward and Emily.