Effects[edit | edit source]

A green ribbon of unspecified origin. Used to transfer the connection a Caretaker has to the Warehouse to their successor.

Dr. Calder holding ribbon

History[edit | edit source]

In "Buried", after Warehouse 2 was unearthed, Mrs. Frederic developed a connection to it which was going to kill her, as the strain of being connected to two warehouses at the same time was too much for her brain to withstand. Vanessa Calder considered breaking Mrs. Frederic's connection to both Warehouse 13 and Warehouse 2 using the ribbon, but Pete, Myka, and H.G. were able to deactivate Warehouse 2 in time.

In "The Truth Hurts", as Paracelsus was previously caretaker for Warehouse 9, Mrs. Frederic and Paracelsus' minds were both fighting for control over Warehouse 13. Artie was hoping by using the ribbon in conjunction with John Logie Baird's Scanning Disk they could forcibly break Paracelsus' connection to Warehouse 13.

Ribbon wrapped around scanning disk

However, by use of Genghis Khan's Mace, Paracelsus was able to block their attack. Furthermore, Paracelsus then used the Philosopher's Stone on himself while inside the Warehouse, greatly increasing his connection with the Warehouse to the point where his connection was so strong the Ribbon wasn't powerful enough to break it. Claudia used the ribbon on Mrs. Frederic, breaking her connection to the Warehouse and making Paracelsus sole Caretaker, thereby saving Mrs. Frederic's life, as the stress her brain was enduring from fighting Paracelsus for control of the Warehouse would have killed her. 

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