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Bonnie is a FBI agent based in Chicago. She knows all about the past of Pete and Myka. She does not trust them and even stated that they leave disaster in their wake. She was given the lead agent role on a string of robberies that were happening at banks in the city.

Artifact Involvement

Bonnie and her team had very little information on the robberies, and they did not know that an artifact was involved. When Pete and Myka offer their assistance, Bonnie coldly turns them down, continually making it clear that they are not welcome. After Daniel Dickinson pulls some strings (including canceling a poker debt), Bonnie becomes a lot more cooperative. She is present when Laura has a very strong reaction to the music. Later on, she calls Pete to tell him about the FBI operation at a suspected target bank. Pete joins her at the operation. Bonnie then continues to run Myka down, and she even tells Pete about the relationship between Myka and Sam Martino. Bonnie and Pete are among the first people on the scene when Myka successfully apprehends Jed Fissel. Bonnie is one of the people affected by the music when Jessilyn and Stephanie rescue Jed. Under the after-effects of the music, she is seen flirting with Pete and possibly giving him her number. When Pete and Myka find out who committed the crimes, Myka suggests that they call Bonnie, but Pete tells her that the record is their business, not the robberies. It is unknown if Bonnie ever manages to catch the robbers.


Her comment about the Warehouse Agents leaving disaster in their wake is ironic, due to the fact that they normally only go places where there is disaster.