Benedict Valda was one of the Regents of the Warehouse. He might be categorized as the Regents' "attack dog", as he spearheaded the inquisition of Artie and was a seemingly constant critic of the Warehouse's agents and, to a lesser extent, even its Caretaker. That having been said, his gambit in Warehouse 2, along with several other instances in his various appearances, makes clear his total commitment to the Warehouses and their vital role.

Benedict Valda was the regents' expert on Warehouse Two and led agents Peter Lattimer, Myka Bering, and H. G. Wells through it until his death in an act of self-sacrifice, a choice which made it possible for the others to continue and complete the mission, thereby saving both Warehouse 13 and, by extension, Mrs. Frederic.

If any significance may be imputed to his naming, then he is "well said" or "well spoken", a blessing in fact (Benedict, derived from the Latin bene, being interpreted, "good", and dictio, the perfect past participle of dico ["speak"], being interpreted, "speech", although the word itself means "blessing" or "blessed", as in "benediction", being a blessing originally delivered by speech, but then expanded by means of metonymy to blessing in general, such as the Catholic "Apostolic Benediction", given by the Pope to certain individuals and colleagues in the Episcopacy[1]), implying that his views should be taken into serious consideration. Along with Mr. Kosan, he seems to be a figure to whom most of the other Regents "naturally" defer, although he and Jane Lattimer are never seen together. Additionally, his surname "Valda", a feminine name of Germanic origin, means "power; rule", a reference to his status as a Regent.

  • Original Valda
  • Alternate Valda

Alternate RealityEdit

Through the use of various artifacts, Paracelsus achieved time travel and traveled to the era of Warehouse 9 to kill the Regents of that time. Once done, Paracelsus became the Caretaker for over 500 years, through
Valda paracelsus

Valda and Paracelsus in the alternate Warehouse 13

every incarnation of the Warehouse. During that time, the Warehouse had gone through a huge leap in technology due to the constant experimentation with artifacts and people. This Valda is still employed in the Warehouse and never did die. He is addressed by Paracelsus as "Major Valda".

While Artie was being held prisoner by Paracelsus in his alternate Warehouse 13, Valda picked through Artie's Bag and found one of Louis XIV's Silverware Forks. Valda had no idea what the fork was until Pete and Myka repaired the damage Paracelsus did to the time line and Valda wasn't erased from existence like the rest of his universe was. Finding himself in our universe now, alternate Valda took up residence in the original Valda's room which was inside the Warehouse's Personnel Quarters Archives. Valda has been spying on Artie and everyone else throughout Season 5 and finally made his move in "Cangku Shisi".

In his universe, Valda was never able to control the Warehouse because of Paracelsus, but as Paracelsus is now bronzed Valda saw his situation as an opportunity to take over the Warehouse. 

First, Valda got the Mason Compass from the Isle of the Widow's Son and hid it inside the Warehouse. Then, Valda took the Mason Square, both the Square and Compass being part of Hiram Abiff's Tools.

Second, Valda kidnapped Claire; knowing from the original Valda's files that Claudia is destined to become the next Caretaker of Warehouse 13, Valda determined the best person to become Caretaker of his Warehouse would be Claudia's older sister Claire. Valda learned where Claire was from spying on Claudia and Artie and reading Claire's medical records. After kidnapping Claire, Valda woke her up out of her coma and used Chester Moore Hall's Achromatic Lens on her so she'd be under his control and couldn't use her telekinesis against him. 

Third, Valda went to the Regent Vault, gaining access to it by killing Mr. Keeler with Vyasa's Jade Elephant. Valda then stole the handle for the Setting Maul with the key for its' safety deposit box that he got from the original Valda's room. Before leaving the vault, Valda left behind Sir William Parry's Inukshuk to slow down Artie and the others, knowing they were surely on his trail by now. 

Fourth, Valda then visited a city park to demonstrate to Chinese government agents the power of artifacts. Valda activated Oliver Sacks' Record Player, which he took from the Regent Chatelet when he kidnapped Claire, which caused every person in the park to slip into a coma at the same time. Valda then handed the Mason Square to the Chinese agents before leaving the park with the record player still active. Valda set another trap to hinder Artie and the others — the record he put on the record player was Chuck Yeager's Favorite LP, which produces a sonic boom whenever someone goes near it, making it difficult to neutralize the artifact before the record player starts killing people. 

Fifth, at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, Valda killed the Regent guarding the hammer of the Setting Maul and then ordered Claire to use her telekinesis to bury Claudia, Pete, and Myka, who had finally caught up with him, alive. As soon as Valda reattached the hammer to its handle, the Mason Compass, which he hid inside the Warehouse, began converting all of Warehouse 13 into pure energy. 

Sixth, Valda boarded the Chinese embassy's private jet to Beijing.

Valda's master plan had finally reached its climax. Valda made a deal with the Chinese that he would move
  • doors to Valda's Warehouse 14
  • Valda holding setting maul
the Warehouse to China, and as long as they placed him in charge of the new Warehouse 14, he will provide the Chinese government with new weapons and technology that will develop as a result of his work with artifacts. The Mason Square was placed under the Beijing National Olympic Stadium which they intended to be the home of Warehouse 14. 

Even after Claire broke free of Valda's control, this didn't stop his plans completely as he decided without Claire he'll just have to improvise and become Caretaker of Warehouse 14 himself. 

However, before Valda could strike Warehouse 14's cornerstone with the Setting Maul, Pete snagged the fork Valda stole and neutralized it, which instantly erased Valda from existence in this timeline. Myka then broke the Setting Maul into two pieces again in order to return the Warehouse to South Dakota.

Trivia Edit

  • As Pete says that the Warehouse "attracts the same people no matter what", and the similar personalities and personal histories of Hugo Miller and Vanessa Calder in Paracelsus' alternate timeline, it may imply that the original Valda was much more evil than he let on.
    • However, the severe dissonance between the original Valda's and alternate Valda's personalities seems much more drastic than the other characters', and may be an oversight by the writers that means nothing for the former.


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