The painting

Leena's Bed and Breakfast Painting Cut

An old painting in the living room attached to the original Bed and Breakfast that is housed inside the Warehouse. The entire building either had to be transferred to the Warehouse or the Warehouse was built around it because the painting is unable to be removed.

The first Bed and Breakfast in the Warehouse

Anyone that enters the building can't leave back the same way or through other egresses; any attempts to leave the house through a door, window, or other entrance shuttles the occupant back into the building through a different door. The loop may be a reference to the four-dimensional house in Robert A. Heinlein's "-And He Built a Crooked House-." Because the painting and the building co-exist, anything you do to the painting affects the building and vice versa. When Claudia moves a lamp in the living room, the lamp in the painting reappears in the same location. The only way to escape is either for someone on the outside of the house to open a door, window, etc. that the people inside the house can walk through or for the people inside the house to tear a hole in the painting thereby ripping away a part of the house.

Claudia was repairing the zip-line when she accidentally fell off her ladder, grabbed onto the zip-line harness, and was sent flying into the Warehouse. She was left hanging in mid-air for a few moments until a malfunctioning AutoVac pressed a button that cut the zip-line cord leading gravity to propel her into the roof of the house. While looking for her, Pete said he saw a "Claudia-shaped hole" in the roof of the house. Pete and Myka mistakenly entered the house looking for Claudia thereby trapping themselves in the house with her. After some experimenting, the three agents were able to escape the house by tearing a hole in the painting.

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