A piano custom built for the Hindenburg, which was subsequently stored in a building that was destroyed in a World War 2 air raid. Pressing a key causes disasters, possibly relating to aircraft. Caused an airplane hanging from the Warehouse ceiling to fall. Located in the Tragedy Annex.

Real World Connection[edit | edit source]

The Aluminum Blüthner was a specially made Blüthner grand piano constructed from aluminum to save about 100 kg of weight compared to a normally produced piano of the same size. It was the first piano used in flight, in an "air-concert" radio broadcast, and survived the Hindenberg's final flight because it was removed from the zeppelin to conserve weight, only to be destroyed in a WW2 air raid.

Contrary to what the comic shows, the real piano was white, not black. This was likely an oversight by animators that went unnoticed.

The real Aluminum Blüthner.

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