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A New Hope is the Season 4 premiere and the thirty-ninth episode in the series Warehouse 13 which premiered on Syfy on July 23, 2012.


With the Warehouse now destroyed, the Warehouse agents must track down an artifact that can repair the Warehouse and stop Walter Sykes from destroying it using the piece of masonry from the House of Commons.


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Pete, Myka, and Artie are still standing inside the Warehouse, each remembering the destruction of the Warehouse, and in Myka's case, the death of Helena G. Wells so that she could protect them. Artie has pulled what appears to be MacPherson's pocket watch, causing Pete and Myka to jump to the conclusion that it'll fix the Warehouse. Artie explains that it won't fix the Warehouse, and instead starts searching for something in the ruins. Artie finds what remains of the Ytterbium Chamber, and explains to Pete and Myka that it held Pandora's Box, or more correctly, Pandora's pithos, a Greek storage jar. When Pandora opened it, only Elpis, the spirit of Hope remained inside. Artie expresses surprise that this happened - ytterbium is supposedly indestructible, or so it was thought...

They return to the B&B where Claudia and Leena reveal that Mrs. Fredric is dead, and the TV shows that the loss of Hope has caused mass suicides, panic, and rioting across the world. Claudia also jumps to conclusion about the watch, but Leena is more surprised, saying that she thought Artie didn't know what the watch can do. Myka notes the name Barbosa and a Portuguese inscription on the reverse of the watch, and Artie removes the back panel to reveal several black diamonds in place of the usual quartz crystal used by watchmakers. Myka translates the Portuguese inscription as push the button, and Artie activates the watch, which flashes and turns into a 24-hour countdown, which starts at 23 rather than 24. He theorizes that the black diamonds have something to do with the location of the fail-safe, and leaves to return to what remains of the Warehouse, confusing the others who don't know what he's up to.

Returning to the Warehouse, Artie waits for the long-distance football to return. Inserting a key into its pressure valve, he opens it up to reveal that it's in fact an artifact tracker, to which Pete remarks "I knew it wasn't regulation weight." Normally the football downloads into the Warehouse computer system. The football has tracked something down - an artifact in France, which unfortunately is guarded by a sect of the Knights Templar, the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond. A fanatical branch of the Templar, they're noted for their devotion to their cause, which makes them extremely dangerous. Pete, Myka, and Artie decide to go to France and get the artifact, no matter what. Artie asks Leena to go to Mr. Keeler, who is the equivalent of the Warehouse librarian. Claudia is starting to feel the effects of losing hope, but is encouraged into coming to France with Pete, Myka and Artie. Once in France however, Pete notices they're being followed; Artie replies they're on the Brotherhood's turf now. They take a taxi up to the Brotherhood's headquarters, hidden inside a truffle shop.

During the taxi ride up, Leena and Mr. Keeler call back with all of the artifacts known to reverse time, but none fit the description. The taxi driver laconically asks when their 'mothership' will arrive to pick them up. Unfortunately, the Warehouse agents are discouraged by the sight of several large Brotherhood men, which requires a little diversion. Pete and Myka create a diversion, allowing Artie and Claudia to reach a cellar where they find evidence of a hidden door. Trying to move the barrels that make up the door doesn't work, but Claudia notes the staves of one barrel's lid are the wrong way. Turning the lid moves the barrel, revealing a short tunnel. Artie tries to go in, but is unable to fit through the tunnel. Instead, Claudia goes in to find part of a brass astrolabe which belonged to Ferdinand Magellan. She goes back in again to look for the alidade, which is missing from the astrolabe. Unfortunately, Brother Adrian and several Brotherhood men arrive, and Brother Adrian demands the astrolabe back. When Artie doesn't hand it over, he flings a knife into the barrel lid, causing a cave-in and an iron gate to drop over the tunnel mouth, trapping Claudia inside. Pete and Myka arrive in time to Tesla the Brotherhood thug and Brother Adrian, giving them time to check the watch - which has turned back into a normal watch showing the time to be 4:18. Leena and Mr. Keeler check to see if they're coordinates and if anything major in that year, but Pete suggests military time, as in 16:18. Claudia suggests looking for a Bible verse, and Mr. Keeler connects this to Matthew 16:18, when Jesus tells Peter that he is the rock on who He will build his church.

Pete, Myka and Artie leave for the Vatican, but not before facing the dilemma of freeing Claudia. Claudia tells them to go, and they fly to Rome, where the loss of Hope has caused massive rioting, and where they have only 48 minutes to find the alidade. Artie hopes to use a tunnel into the Vatican through a shop owned by someone called Gioncarlo, who died 15 years before, leaving the shop to someone else who's not keen to let them through.

Myka smashes the door in with a chair to draw the owner and her associate away, and is arrested in the process. Pete wants to help her, but Artie tells him to focus on the mission and they sneak down to the tunnel. Fusing an old electrical panel in the Vatican catacombs, Artie locates the alidade - just as Brother Adrian returns with more Brotherhood men. Pete fights with Brother Adrian in the alidade chamber while Artie deals with the other thugs. When he opens the door, Brother Adrian staggers out, having been stabbed by Pete. Pete gives the alidade to Artie, before realizing that Brother Adrian stabbed him before he stabbed the Brotherhood leader. Artie is powerless to stop Pete from dying - forcing him to use Magellan's Astrolabe.

Leena and Mr. Keeler call back, having researched the piece of masonry for the House of Commons - it was fueled by the Nazis' hatred for England, and they suggest using Mahatma Gandhi's Dhoti to neutralize the artifact. Brother Adrian is still conscious, and warns Artie that the Astrolabe will create an evil that will live with him for the rest of his life, and place anyone he tells in danger. Artie reassembles the astrolabe, and activates it.

Gandhi's Dhoti is places over Sykes.

Artie returns to the Warehouse just as the rigging from the Marie Celeste drops off of Myka and Helena. Artie is slightly surprised, and quickly reveals to them that Sykes has hidden the piece of masonry in his wheelchair. Fetching Gandhi's dhoti, Artie throws it over the bomb - but it doesn't work. Myka and Helena realize that the hatred isn't originating from the bomb, but is originating from someone else: Sykes. The three rush to stop Pete from pushing Sykes into the portal to the Regent Sanctum, their only hope. Pete has just thrown Sykes through the portal and is about to shut it down when Artie, Myka and Helena arrive. Artie tells Pete to get Sykes back. Pete rushes through the portal, and throws Sykes back through into the Warehouse, where Artie throws the dhoti over him and shuts the portal down once Pete has returned. The dhoti glows blue as it counteracts Sykes' hatred, and deactivates the bomb. Myka shifts the dhoti back off Sykes' face, thinking he's dead. Instead, a ghostly image of a child Sykes appears, telling them he's sorry. This image vanishes and Sykes tells the Warehouse agents he's sorry, before he dies. The dhoti had removed the seed of darkness planted by Collodi's Bracelet, giving Sykes the ability to give love and to receive it.

Back in the Warehouse office, Artie argues with Mr. Kosan and Mrs. Frederic that Helena should be reinstated, despite his previous objections. Mr. Kosan and Mrs. Frederic agree, but Mrs. Frederic has reservations about why Artie's suddenly changed. Mrs. Frederic also shows Artie a strand of hair that has turned grey. Artie falls asleep at his desk, and witnesses a disturbing dream in which Claudia stabs him. Waking up, Artie looks at Trailer, and asks the dog what else he was supposed to do. At that moment Leena calls on the Farnsworth - Claudia has run off from the B&B.


Main Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring



  • Lucy Filippone as Bernadetta
  • Randy Butcher as Brother Bertrand
  • Christian Laurin as French Cab Driver
  • Spencer Paul as Young Walter Sykes
  • Jeffrey R. Smith as Mr. Keeler

Artifact and Gadgets Featured

  • Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe: Having sailed around the world and crossing the International Date Line, Magellan's astrolabe was imbued with the ability to erase time for 24 hours. However, the artifact's great power doesn't come without a great price; apparently it will create an evil that will live with the rest of the user's life. It is one of the main artifacts of the episode.
  • Duarte Barbosa's Pocket Watch: Owned by the captain of Magellan's ship Victoria, the pocket watch was used to count down the hours in which the astrolabe could be used and its location. It also was created to reveal the location of the alidade of Magellan's astrolabe when it shows the time of 4:18pm, quoting a Bible verse (Matthew 16:18), at St. Peter's church in Rome. It is another of the main artifacts of the episode.
  • Pandora's Box/Pithos: Contained Hope, that only thing that did not escape the Box. Housed inside the Ytterbium Chamber, it was supposed to preserve Hope if any danger came to it. However, the chamber failed to protect the box in the destruction of the Warehouse, and with it, hope was lost. Losing hope has dire consequences; all over the world, people simultaneously despair, turn to fear and invoke riots and even commit suicide. It results in physical manifestations as well; it causes people to view the stimuli around them (weather, music, colors and sounds) in a darker, duller context due to the brain producing far fewer endorphins.
  • Artifact Tracker Football: The football's true purpose was revealed in this episode; it is an artifact tracker, built inside the football. As it sails around the world, it collects information of possible artifacts and downloads it into the Warehouse's computer systems. If in the case the computer systems can't be used, there is a computer interface within the ball in where agents can search the football's database for certain information.
  • M.K. "Mahatma" Gandhi's Dhoti: Woven during Gandhi's fast for non-violence, the garment has the ability to emanate pure feelings of peace.
  • House of Commons Masonry: The masonry's true explosive power is revealed to be fueled by hate; in World War II it was the Nazi regime's hatred through the Blitzkrieg and bomb raid on London in which the masonry was imbued with its current powers. The artifact could only be defused by strong feelings of peace, and had to be deactivated at its source: the person who activated the masonry (in the case of "Stand", it was fueled by Walter Sykes' hatred).
  • Alana Thompson's Go Go Juice: The mix of Red Bull and Mountain Dew that belongs to "Honey Boo Boo." Mentioned as a joke artifact that belongs in the Warehouse by Allison Scagliotti in the episode commentary.

Quotable Quotes

Artie: Ha ha! Yes! There is a track under here
Claudia: Okay, alright, nice. You found a track.
Artie: And I broke my back.
Claudia: (after Artie tries and fails to get into the opening in the wall) Hey, Pooh Bear, you want to let me do that?
Artie: Now you see why it was important that you came along?
Claudia: Yeah. I can just picture you trying to get through here. "Oh help and bother! I'm stuck!"
Artie: Alright, alright.
Claudia: "I'm so rumbly in my tumbly."
Artie: Stop it.
Claudia: Silly old bear.
Claudia: That's why it's a 24-hour stopwatch. Because Magellan was the first guy to sail all around the world.
Artie: So you actually paid attention in fifth grade?
Claudia: Yes, now think back to your youth, and try to remember what he said to you on deck the night he crossed the international date line.
Myka: No, wait, 16:18. Chapter and verse!
Artie: Chapter and verse!
Pete: You guys sound excited. Did I solve it?
Artie: What if the "m" doesn't stand for ...
Myka: it doesn't stand for "Magellan", it stands for
Myka & Artie: A book in the Bible!
Claudia: The only "M"s in the Old Testament are Micah and Malachi, and they don't have a 16th chapter. In the New Testament it'd be Mark or Matthew. (Pete, Myka and Artie turn around confused and speechless) They made us read the Bible a lot in the psych hospital. I think it's how they kept their funding.


  • Particularly as this is "Chapter Four" (Season 4, to be exact), the Star Wars reference in the name of the episode, "A New Hope", is evident.
  • Claudia makes reference to the film "Galaxy Quest" with the quote "Never give up, never surrender", and "Winnie the Pooh" (the Disney version) with "I'm so rumbly in my tumbly".
  • Artie states that Lutetium is the hardest element, but it is actually Chromium that has the highest Mohs hardness of any pure metal.
  • According to Claudia, this episode (and by extension, "Emily Lake" and "Stand") take place in the middle of summer (specifically 2011).
    • However, "Emily Lake" is explicitly shown to have taken place on a school day.
    • As the setting of "Emily Lake" has more importance than a single line from Claudia, her statement is considered a non-canon mistake in the script.


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