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"13.1" is the fifth episode of Season Two of SyFy's Warehouse 13, that aired on August 3, 2010.

It is the first part of a two-episode crossover event with Syfy's other hit show, Eureka, paired with the Eureka episode "Crossing Over".


Douglas Fargo, a key staff member of Global Dynamics, travels from Eureka to Warehouse 13 to assist them with a computer system update. However, when a sentient computer A.I. is unleashed, the team is trapped when the Warehouse goes into lockdown.


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Claudia and Todd are together making out on the couch at the Bed and Breakfast. Claudia, excited that the warehouse is finally getting a computer upgrade, suddenly stands up and says she's late. Todd finds it strangely confusing that Claudia is so excited since he believes that the warehouse is actually an IRS facility. Claudia arranges to meet Todd later for lunch as she heads out to the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Global Dynamics technician Douglas Fargo has come out from Eureka to upgrade the warehouse to 'class 7 standards' and, in the process, ends up infuriating Artie. Pete and Myka are busy filling out paperwork, and, after losing a quick game of rock, paper, scissors, Pete is made to step in and break up an ensuing argument between Fargo and Artie. Artie leaves with Pete, muttering that Fargo is a Global Dynamics nerd, and is 'made up of binary numbers'.

Claudia arrives at the warehouse as Fargo tries to complete some soldering in the main IT well with his laser cutter, which he happens to drop into the IT well. Claudia uses Benjamin Franklin's Ring to add light and help find the cutter, before asking Fargo about his upgrade work, which includes fitting a new computer chip to replace all of the wiring in the IT well. He was going to add on MARA, a mechanical repair automaton, but Artie vetoed putting the machines into the system. Claudia replies "Artie would have vetoed fire if he'd been born just a few years before it was."

With the upgrade completed, Fargo shuts down the old system, only to get into trouble when the system suddenly goes into lockdown. A camera rises up from the floor, and more pop up across the warehouse. Artie immediately blames Fargo, who insists it shouldn't have happened. At that moment a voice calls out that a catastrophic failure has been detected.

After everyone takes a look around and Myka says that there are more of those "eye things" popping up all throughout the warehouse. When Artie demands that Fargo stop what's going on, Fargo discovers a failsafe is on the system. Artie keeps yelling at him and Fargo counters that he should have been warned that there was a failsafe. Artie says he didn't know there was one.

Artie recognizes the voice that keeps warning them of a catastrophic failure as being that of Hugo Miller, the original Warehouse 13 computer technician, who had a lab in the warehouse. The team head down into the old computer lab, where Artie reveals that Hugo was brilliant and more than a little devious; apparently he'd pushed Steve Jobs at Apple in one direction while sending Bill Gates at Microsoft in another. Hugo retired to Hutchinson's Sanatorium in Featherhead, which Pete and Myka decide to visit in the hopes of learning how to deactivate the failsafe.

Meanwhile, Claudia notices that the computer is downloading massive amounts of data from the mainframe. Fargo, trying to shut down the computer, is given a heavy shock when he presses one of the buttons on the panel. At that moment, a 3-D holographic projection appears, which Artie recognizes as being Hugo. The projection states that its name is Hugo One, and that it has detected a catastrophic failure. Hugo One then sets to work analyzing decades of warehouse information, leaving Artie, Fargo, and Claudia wondering what's going on.

Pete and Myka arrive to meet the real Hugo. As they are waiting to get in to see him Myka talks about how every former warehouse agent they've ever known is either crazy, evil or dead. When they finally go in to meet him, they find out he's completely insane, solidifying her comment from moments earlier. She does point out that at least he’s not evil or dead.

However, he still recognizes certain phrases such as 'catastrophic failure' - and still knows how to operate a Tesla, as they soon learn when Hugo steals the one tucked the back of Pete's pants and fires it at them, knocking them both completely out. Pete and Myka come to, and let Artie know that they're going to have to find Hugo, who has apparently escaped from the sanatorium for the first time since he arrived.

Myka remembers what Hugo said about 'the spinning and the dancing' and says she knows where to find him. They manage to track Hugo down watching an old merry-go-round in Featherhead. The calmer Hugo says it isn't working the way did before, something that neither Pete nor Myka understand. Pete handcuffs Hugo for his own safety, and they begin the journey back to Univille and to the warehouse, where Hugo One has finished his investigation.

Artie, Claudia, and Fargo are surprised that Hugo One has reviewed their personnel files. Fargo is especially shocked, since he's not a warehouse employee, but from Global Dynamics. To his consternation, Hugo One points out that his file includes the phrase "inappropriately pushed button" 38 times. Claudia has six infractions against her (she says she thought it'd be more) and Artie continuously breaks the rules. After reviewing the files, Hugo One has decided it's the agents who are the problem and responsible for the issues. Before they can react or try to reason with the A.I., all of the security doors slam down, locking them in the warehouse.

Claudia gets a call from Todd asking where she is for their lunch date, and she says she's not going to be able to make it, though she’s unable to elaborate on why she can’t be there. When Fargo asks who it is, she tells Fargo it's nobody, which Todd hears and questions her asking her about why she would say he's nobody. He asks who she's talking to at the warehouse and she again replies "Nobody" to which Fargo takes offence this time. Frustrated, Claudia starts to tell Todd she'll talk to him later when Hugo One cuts off the call. She tells Fargo that Todd is a "guy friend, nothing serious." Hugo One announces he has activated the Falcon-Scott Protocol, lowering the temperature inside the warehouse to preserve the artifacts but the process will kill anyone who's still inside the warehouse. Frigid air begins to get pumped in through the vents, to Fargo’s astonishment, rapidly dropping the temperature.

Meanwhile, Pete is driving towards the warehouse while Myka looks through Hugo's files. Myka finds a brain scan showed a whole portion of his brain is inactive with no explanation in the file as to why. To Pete's confusion, Hugo says he has to shed a tear. Myka explains to Pete that he means he has to go to the bathroom and her grandfather used to say that.

Artie, Claudia and Fargo, now dressed in winter gear, head into the warehouse. They get to a crate, unfortunately in front of one of the "eye cameras", where Artie grabs a Babel stone. As soon as he starts talking Claudia and Fargo are confused because he's talking gibberish. However, once he hands each of them a stone, they are able to understand him and talk to each other without Hugo One from understanding and listening in on their conversations. Fargo is impressed because he realizes the stones are from the "Tower of Babel" and Claudia says it's awesome.

Pete and Myka stop so Hugo can take a pee break in Univille. When Hugo demands ice-cream they give in and Pete buys it and some twizzlers for Myka. While they are doing that, Myka calls Artie on the Farnsworth. When he answers he is still holding the Babel stone so all Myka can hear is gibberish. While he is explaining that Hugo One has taken over the warehouse, Myka is telling him to slow down because she still can't understand him. Getting frustrated, Artie writes a note to them telling them to get Hugo back to the warehouse and that the computer has taken over.

Hugo One is monitoring them and when Myka and Pete read the note aloud, he hears what Artie wrote in the note. In response, Hugo One sends out an APB against the two for kidnapping. The moment they walk out the door, the news pops up with their pictures on it, making the gas station attendant go after them and hold them at gunpoint. Hugo sets a can of soft drink loose, causing Pete to remember the explosive soft drink cans Artie warned him that Hugo was so fond of. While it doesn't explode, the can leaks, and Myka knocks the gas station owner back down.

Claudia knocks Max Wertheimer's Zoetrope off the shelf and Fargo decides to give it a spin. Claudia tries to stop him, but instead is shown Fargo's entire life in a flash. Noting that the artifact inventory reads that the zoetrope has mental transference capabilities, Claudia remembers that Hugo Miller was found collapsed in that aisle. Hugo One has noticed them looking at the artifacts, and dispatches several MARAs to stop them.

Claudia and Fargo hide in Rumpelstiltskin's crate for a split second before it growls and makes them exit in a hurry. They find themselves trapped between several MARAs. Claudia agrees to use Franklin's ring to amplify Fargo's laser cutter, and the two use the resultant weapon, similar to a lightsaber (complete with the traditional lightsaber sounds), to destroy the MARAs. Fargo admits he's been practicing for that his entire life, and the two kiss. The moment the kiss ends, Claudia tells him that Todd is more than just a "guy friend" and that she really likes him. She apologizes to Fargo, but as soon as Claudia walks away he ruminates that this is why Jedi's switch to the dark side.

Artie talks to Hugo Hologram, offering to play Battleship with him, which he knows he can't resist. Artie sinks Hugo One's battleship.

Pete and Myka arrive at the warehouse with Hugo. They're locked out. One of the sensors pops up and scans them.

Artie beats Hugo One at their game of Battleship, which the computer finds impossible. Then Artie admits he never placed his ships. He thinks the computer isn't artificial intelligence, it's really part of Hugo's brain and Pete and Myka have the other part.

The part of Hugo that loves games is in there, but the part of him which always cheated isn't.

Artie thinks Hugo used an artifact, transferring part of his brain into the computer. Artie asks the computer to let them in. Outside, the scanner fires on Pete and Myka.

Claudia brings Artie the zoetrope. Hugo One thinks Artie's argument has merit, but he thinks he should be reunited in the computer so he can become his life's work.

Outside, Pete preps to fire on the scanner, but it disappears and the door opens.

Inside, Artie sets up the procedure, saying the warehouse comes first. When Pete objects, Hugo One sends the robots after him. Pete tackles it, saying the system will be frozen until the procedure is complete.

They start the transfer using the computer and the zoetrope. The lights dim, meaning the transfer is taking up all its processing power. Claudia hacks in and locks Hugo One out of everything but the lab. Artie reverses the transfer.

Hugo gets his brain back and Hugo One goes away. Hugo is back to normal but has lost some time. He's surprised to learn he has old-man jowls.

Later, Myka asks Pete if he thinks about their future there and how they avoid getting their brains fried. He says at least they'll be in the same boat.

Fargo sets the computer back online. He's taking Hugo to Eureka to work on their brain-mapping project.

Hugo and Artie say good-bye.

Claudia waits for Todd at the bed and breakfast. She apologizes for being a flake and tells him she recently got some clarity. But he interrupts and tells her he can't see her anymore.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Paloma Nuñez as Nurse
  • Zack Ward as Leo

Featured Artifacts and Gadgets

  • Hugo One A.I: A rudimentary artificial intelligence created by Hugo Miller. The A.I. is connected to Warehouse 13's computer systems and is able to take control of all facets of the Warehouse.
  • Max Wertheimer's Zoetrope: Allows for mind transference. The main artifact of the episode.
  • Benjamin Franklin's Ring: Amplifies human bio-electric energy and allows bio-luminescence.
  • Rumpelstiltskin: Effects unknown, but when Claudia and Fargo hid in its container, it angrily growled when Fargo almost said its name.
  • Babel Stones: The holder speaks in an unintelligible language that only people holding the other stones can understand.
  • M.A.R.A.s: Brought by Fargo from Eureka, the M.A.R.A.s (Maintenance And Repair Automaton) are a series of spider-like maintenance and security robots, usually applied for unmanned space stations and large facilities such as Global Dynamics. They are able to shoot nets, fire and have buzzsaws built in to their bodies.
  • G.A.S.P. Laser Cutter: Also brought by Fargo from Eureka. Can be used to create laser-precise incisions, and when coupled with Benjamin Franklin's ring it forms a lightsaber-like structure.
  • Jimi Hendrix's Psychedelic Gibson Flying V Guitar: Featured in a deleted scene. Fargo was amazed by it's presence in the Warehouse, and it was implied to put people through a "Purple Haze" (a reference to one of Hendrix's songs of the same name).
  • Scrapbook of Olivia Dufresne-Cabot: A child's scrapbook full of stickers, postcards and other sentimental collectibles. Effect(s) unknown.[1]
  • Knap-Sack of Wendell McFee: Induces vertigo; do not look into.[1]
  • Rocking Horse: A rocking horse belonging to Margaret (illegible). Will rock a rider (illegible), potentially fatal.[1]
  • Snowshoes of Eric the Dreadful: Will lead wearer to predators, even inside the Warehouse.[2]
  • Bruce Lee's Punching Bag: Increases one's density. Its shelving card was seen in Allentown-22C.[3]
  • Speech Interpolator: Stored in Allentown-22C, exact effect(s) unknown. First word illegible.[4]
  • Spring Rocking Horse: Constantly rocking by itself. Not the Mobo Prairie King spring rocking horse seen in multiple other episodes. Featured in a deleted scene.
  • Guillotine: Featured in a deleted scene. Effect(s) unknown.

Quotable Quotes

Claudia: Hello, blinky!

Claudia and Fargo kiss after destroying the M.A.R.S made by Fargo with a light saber made from Ben Franklin's Ring, and a laser brought by Fargo.
Claudia: It's just that when I was kissing you I was totally thinking about Todd.
Claudia leaves
Fargo: This is why Jedi turn to the Dark Side.



  • The Falcon Scott Protocol is a reference to the Antarctic Terra Nova Expedition made by Robert Falcon Scott in 1910-13. Scott was attempting to reach the South Pole before Roald Amundsen. However, Amundsen arrived first, and Scott's party of five (Scott and four others) perished due to starvation, exhaustion, and extreme cold.
  • In the 'Star Wars' department, we see the Warehouse version of the lightsaber, cobbled together from a laser cutter and Benjamin Franklin's Ring.


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